It´s a boat. Two pieces of styrofoam, each 2 meters long an 16 cm wide, will make the basis for the small catamaran. They are coated in epoxy and glass fibers and given a white finish. A wooden construction holds them apart and makes a platform with a bench for two persons to sit. The wood is treated to look dark brown and the boat is 130 cm wide. Electric outdoor motor connects to the stern. (A death trap)

Who deserves a yacht is the first part of a three part project about economy. The second product will be a board game that is under development in collaboration with Jan Richard Svendsen. The board game Equity is a game about buying and selling stocks and artworks. It is based on a clinical psychological research by Vernon Smith about finance bubbles and their formation and collapses. The third part of the project is going to be an anti-documentary that will investigate the fenomenon of money as a social technology in a surreal, humouristic and musical manner.

This project is about an imagined journey in social class. The idea is to investigate a few myths and to challenge the understanding of "the rich" by aproaching their domain in a naivistic and humouristic way. The focus of this exhibition was the construction of a miniature yacht, with a short talk by Jan Richard Svendsen about the "signal effect og leisure boats" on the opening night. In addition there were held a small seremony and name giving of the yacht as it was launched into the sea in Vaagen in the centre of Bergen.