Critical Tourist Map

Markus Moestue



A different tourist map. Under construction

Why make this map?

In most countries, what we are taught about or own nation in school does not correspond much to reality. And Norway is no exception. We are had to believe in myths surrounding our own nation and are given a perfect mirage of excellence and good intentions in our history lessons. Stories of abuse, greed and war are often swept under the carpet, and we are led to believe that, by some twist of faith, we are born into the best country in the world, and that all other nations are beneath us. Is Norway really the most happy place, the most environmentally conscious, the most peace loving or the most ethical? Hardly!

In this map I aim to correct a few myths, point to some problematic aspects of  Norway and Oslo. And I wish for this map to be a contrast to the mindless commercially motivated map you’ll receive at the tourist information centre.

The aim is to make this map available to tourists and others online, but also on printed paper in touristic locations such as hostels or bars in Oslo.  

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